Tag toys

Ah, creative people…. I love having them in my life.

One of the lovely mums at our playgroups surprised us all with a crafty activity to keep us entertained whilst the little ones prodded each other’s faces, passed toys back and forth and pushed each other over – slow-mo style.

It’s basically a small bean bag (we filled ours with rice and small beans that wouldn’t be a choking hazard if it came apart) with ribbons around the edge, creating ‘tags’. And anyone with a little one will know, babies love tags.

It was an instant hit with Adella. She loves the sound it makes, plus the range of tags keeps her little fingers busy for ages!


(Thanks to Kate for this photo of us!)


Testing and poking.


Oooh! I like it!


My finished toy.


Kate’s toy product – hers looks so animal-like!! I love it!!

There were heaps more, but unfortunately I don’t have any more photos. Ladies, send them in if you have them!

I just spotted this online too…a free pattern for a tag monster from one of my faves – craft schmaft.


Upcycling old jeans to baby jeans

It’s Spring Festival holiday right now, so I get a nice long month off work… yay! So, I’ve been doing some experimenting. I recently realised that all my jeans had gone to holes. So, I visited my jeans lady (yes, I have a jeans lady) and replaced them all.

But, what to do with the old ones? I hate throwing things away, so I decided to experiment with making baby jeans!

I looked at a lot of patterns online, but decided I’d better draw my own since bubs wears pretty big MCN (modern cloth nappies) and her butt is definitely bulbous! So, I used an existing pair of jeans, made them a bit bigger, made up a practise pair, and then finished the real thing.

The only real mistake I made was not putting the cuffs on the denim before I sewed the legs together. If they had been adult size jeans, they would have been fine as they would have fitted over the base of my sewing machine, but I forgot that little teeny weeny pants would be too small. Whoops! I just hand-stitched them on in the end.







Can’t wait to make some more!!!!!

I would like to thank the following blogs for inspiration:
Made by Rae
Make Baby Stuff

Recently, I also made some:
Hot Air Balloons
Ruffle Skirts

Ruffle skirt for the little ones

Oh, there really are some super clever people out there. This skirt pattern just leapt out at me! The pattern was great, easy enough for a newbie sewer and so flexible… I can’t wait to make more.

For my daughter’s friends who didn’t get a hot air balloon, they got a lovely ruffle skirt!



These two went to two sisters. Thought it would be cute to have almost the same!! I love this Chinese fabric and keep finding any excuse I can to use it.


I’m yet to make one for my daughter… but I have the fabric waiting – pink with little polka dots. Stay tuned…

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

A little while back, I was given a beautiful owl sewing kit. I had so much fun making it, that I thought I should investigate what else this talented lady had designed!! These air balloons caught my eye instantly… so beautiful. I bought the pattern straight away and made some Christmas presents for my daughter’s friends. The patterns were super-easy to follow and were a great way to use scraps of fabric.

I used some gorgeous rainbow thread which I thought looked really great!






These are hanging above my daughter’s cot. She loves watching them… the air purifier keeps them gently swaying. (Sorry for the dark picture – I wanted to catch the shadows).

A sock owl

When I have five minutes up my sleeve, I like to do something crafty. And I love to share things from super clever people! My dear friend Celeste gave me this gorgeous sock sewing kit and I thought I’d share the results!

I’ve since been checking out the other awesome patterns from Craft Schmaft, and I have my next project printed out and ready to go! I would highly recommend her easy-to-follow patterns and cute designs.