A million years ago, I saw a waitress wearing a lovely drapey shrug thing. I should’ve asked her where she bought it, but I didn’t. So I jut kept thinking about it.

Then I found some lovely flowy fabric in Lincraft. And was still thinking about the cape.

I found this picture on pinterest and thought, yes, I can do this! (Unfortunately, the link is broken on pinterest, so can only give you this pic).



It is literally a rectangle, with 1/3 of each side sewn to create a sleeve. I just draped the fabric over my shoulders to decide how wide to make it.


I put some pretty lace along the edges.


And voila! Not the best picture but I think you get the idea.



Delightful doorstops

Hmm… the second post in a row with an alliterated title…

Aren’t these cute???



We have DESPERATELY needed decent doorstops in our house (ooo! more ‘D’s!). The kiddies’ door just wouldn’t stay open and we have used a toddle shoe for the past year. I was using a phone book for the front door, but the bubba started munching on that. And the back door doorstop seemed fascinating to him too, and now I just can’t find it.

These cuties were so easy and I whipped all three of them up in half an hour or so. I used scraps of fabric and a 2kg bag of cheap rice did the three of them. You can find the fantastic tutorial here at ‘So Sue’. I made the larger ones using 9×9″ squares, with about 4 cups of rice.

Highly recommended if you are in a desperate doorstop situation as I was!

Hanami Top

An amazing mum from playgroup keeps giving me fantastic fabrics. And this one was so special – an off-cut of vintage handkerchief linen. I returned to the source of my previous sewing success and set about on the next pattern (also from Straight Grain).

I had JUST enough to cut out the pattern (thanks for the help, Mum!) and used the natural edge of the linen for the bottom edge so I didn’t need to hem it.

It was also my first sewing adventure with lining, but the instructions were so clear that I didn’t struggle at all! It looks good with lining too, because of the lacy holes through the fabric. I love the shape of the the top and the flexibility of the pattern. There are other options for the sleeves and the length of the bottom ruffle.

My only real stuff-up was the button holes. The buttons were small and my button hole foot just kept slipping on the lining, so I decided to do ‘manual’ button holes. Not a good idea. Well, not without time to practise, that is – I finished this off the day before we went on holiday! This is definitely something I need to rehearse. If you have any tips, please let me know.





IMG_4084Thankyou to my cute little model!

And it was showcased on Christmas Day with a pair of black leggings.

Car caddy

Some little friends in our lives got one of these little pressies in the last few months. I had a lot of fun making these, and they really didn’t take very long. They’re not as pretty as the originals that inspired me, but they work just as well!

I based this on this fantastic tutorial on ‘homemade by jill’.



The first one I made with velcro, but I decided that an elastic strap might be easier for little fingers.



Have you made something similar? I’m always looking for new fun things to make! Drop a link below.

Tinny Dress

I’ve been waiting to make this pattern for a while… I bought it from Straight Grain patterns on etsy and it caught my eye with it’s assymetrical collar and retro design.

I’d been a bit scared of doing an invisible zip by myself, so I waited for Mum to visit and give me a hand! In the end, the instructions were so clear and well-written, that I probably would’ve coped ok, but it was great to have a more experienced hand in the room!!

The spotty fabric was from my Beijing collection, and Mum had the lovely yellow lying around in her stocks.

It was really fun to make, and perfectly manageable with a few 20 minute blocks of time here and there.



Front viewDSC_1569

Back view – including invisible zip!

I would highly recommend the patterns – I’ve bought two more and I can’t wait to get started on the next one!

Flower Pants!

I finally started on my fabric stash that I bought in China!

This pattern is from the wonderful website Dana Made It. It’s a super fast pattern… though it took me a while as I only had a short window of opportunity each day!

The first pair I made (pink pair) looked great, but were a little lowcut because we wear cloth nappies. So, with the second ones (blue) I added a higher waist. And a little bit of extra creativity!





My little model wouldn’t smile until she put a lion on her head! 

The corduroy fabric is such a great weight for the autumn weather, and I imagine leggings or tights will fit nicely under these when it gets cold!