Dani Garcia and Ferran Adria come to town

Dani Garcia (two Michelin stars) and Ferran Adria (3 Michelin stars) created a special menu at Raffles hotel in Beijing. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to sample some of  their famous food for lunch!

Prawn with pine nut ice-cream, truffles, pine nuts and truffle honey

This was the first time I’d ever eaten pieces of truffle. And the first time I’d ever had pine nut ice-cream. And the first time I’d had a prawn shaped into a circle. An appetiser of firsts. And possibly the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten.

Iberian Pork dumplings

Being used to Asian dumplings, these were such a delight! It was a little taste of Spain in a delicate filling, and the broth was amazing. I ignored the fact that I was in a swanky restaurant and tilted my plate to get every last drop.

Sea bass with citrus gazpacho

Nic and Zac had this one. I got a sneaky taste of fish that melted away. And the foam was perfect.

“The Moon” – a white chocolate ball, filled with custard and fruit, with a silver coating

Wow. Even the plate had a silver moonbeam painted on it.

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