The brothel has had an upgrade!

And all of a sudden… we’re no longer living next to a brothel! It really does feel like the end of an era. It has had an upgrade. No longer are there late-night Maseratis and Lamborghinis parked in the carpark. Instead, there’s a early morning stream of tour group families heading off for Beijing adventures.

It is now officially the Pacific Hotel!

(I’m sure, however, if you needed some of their previous services, they would still be available on request).


But I still have a couple of funny photos to share from the renovations.


From a distance, these toilet doors looked quite cool. Bond and Marilyn… good choice…


…until you got closer and discovered that they were scary androids.


Love seat removal blocking our street.


Been looking for WMDs? I think I found one.

See some older photos here.


What’s inside the brothel?

So… we live next door to a brothel. It’s called the ‘Pacific Club’. Just like Casino Royale, but not so classy. It’s always been a bit of a mystery. We’ve never been inside. But it’s under renovation at the moment, and all sorts of things are pouring out the door.


Here it is in all of it’s glory (that’s our cool pink building looming behind). Roman columns and all.


Yes, all those bags are the rubbish coming out from inside. And the truck is full of furniture.


Snow-covered rubbish.


A brothel resident. She’s already lost limbs to frostbite.


Pieces of ‘marble’. I imagine the whole inside was covered in this!


Plastic palm trees and gold birds??

Who knows what’s going to come out next??