Rainy day fun

I just have to share this one… it was so much fun! The credit goes to an amazing website, made by joel, it is absolutely full of wonderful colouring-in pages and I can’t wait to try these paper city printables.

We spent a bit of time making this AMAZING aquarium!

IMG_4805IMG_4809 First, colouring in…

IMG_4806And a bit of button-play…


And voila! How cute is that??? And we can slide the fishies along from side-to-side.


Next rainy day? This beauty is getting some paint! With a bit of pipe-cleaner seaweed and a sprinkle of sand methinks!

The Blue Zoo (BJ Bucket List #3)

In Beijing, we live opposite a soccer stadium. But it’s not only a soccer stadium. It’s a nightclub hotspot. It’s a popular family walking spot. It’s a place to show off your new sports car. It’s a place to watch big pop concerts. It’s a place to open an over-priced jewellery shop.

Oh, and there’s the “longest acrylic tunnel” in Asia, measuring in at  120m! Only in China would you find an giant aquarium under a soccer stadium and nowhere near the ocean.

I’m always a little apprehensive about zoos in China – they don’t have the best reputation. But aside from one section where some turtles and sharks were in a pretty small tank, it was actually pretty impressive! We also went half an hour before closing, so there was no one there! Fabulous!!