About me

Without even trying, living in Beijing leads to adventures, intrigue and mind-numbing moments. I feel that if I leave Beijing without documenting my time here, I will regret it. And I hate regret.

With the passing of the new year, I have set myself a number of creative goals for 2011. I’m great at setting goals, but not always so good at achieving them. Hence, a blog. By writing about what I’ve been up to, I hope to keep tabs on myself and keep pushing myself.

Why ‘a cuppa and a pikelet’? Because they are my comfort foods. If you knocked on my door on a sunday morning, you’d find me in my jammies, in front of the telly with a massive pot of tea and a stack of pikelets smothered in golden syrup. Oh, and Tara calls me pikelet. And I like that.

I also have another project – my online jewellery store – Adorned by Ling Yun – please have a squiz!


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Katherine Koger says:

    Thanks for making me feel very homesick!! I saw that you had been eating in Carlton! How fantastic. I am originally from beautiful Melbourne but now call Colchester, England my home. Thanks heaps for the recipe. I look forward to reading more on your blog!! 🙂

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