Squid obsessions

Isn’t it funny what children become obsessed with. One trip to the South Australian museum, and they were hooked on squids! (For those of you who don’t know, there’s a life-size giant squid built into a lift shaft in the museum). The kiddies went with Grandma and Grandpa, and then a few days later, had to take Mummy and Daddy on a tour. Complete running commentary and excitement as we made our way up the 4 flights of stairs.

And these are some of our follow ups:

Toilet roll and wool squids



Paper cup squids



And millions of drawings (here are my two faves)



As well as our craft activities, we hit the library and checked out a number of non-fiction books to look at the pictures. And watched a few youtube videos too.

And it all culminated in this:

The Giant Squid Cafe and Restaurant!



Fairy Garden

A pic of our fairy garden! Just another excuse to get the kids’ hands dirty in the garden!



I made the door and window out of scraps of wood. The washing line is fabric scraps. The kiddies then chose random things from our garden and shed to finish it off. Always a work in progress…

It’s also a great place to put things that the children have collected on their adventures. After reading ‘Penguin and Pinecone‘ (such a sweet book!), we found a closed pinecone that we’ve left in the fairy garden. We discussed how trees use pinecones to spread and release their seeds, and now the kiddies regularly check back to see how much it has opened up.

Garden exploration

Two of my uni subjects crossed over quite nicely last semester, Primary Science and Health and Wellbeing. Both involved getting out and about outside to enhance student’s connection with the world around them. For my assignments, I did a number of teaching activities that involved my kiddies and their friends, incorporating literature with outdoor activities for Prep-aged children.

Amazingly, a lot of the things we did have stuck – which is really satisfying for me! Bug collection has become a big one in our family, and probably the highlight has been finding praying mantises. I really feel that it’s helping my two with their fear of creepy crawlies. Making collections is another, and we now have a permanent “nest” by the front door where all our goodies are deposited.

There’s nothing like being outdoors, and the kiddies just seemed to get so absorbed in whatever they do, whether that be sweeping leaves, digging to China, extracting toys from blocks of ice or looking for birds through their toilet roll binoculars.

Recently we made bird feeders from old cartons. I cut out the windows, and my two decorated them with stickers. We hunted around the garden for appropriate sticks, filled them with seed and hung them in the trees. Applying the stickers, cutting the string, and spooning the seed were all fantastic fine motor skill activities. We also discussed recycling and repurposing, as well as what birds like to eat.

img_0446img_0450img_0452img_0453There’s something lovely about having an addition to our garden routine. As well as checking on the worm farm, looking for vegies, inspecting the fairy garden, and watering, we can now also check bird seed levels!