8 months

So… ahem… this is my first posting in 8 months. That’s embarrassing.

The general life juggle has been tough this year. Looking back, uni was easier to balance with a baby. Toddlers are WAY harder. I look back at baby time with envy. A big thankyou goes out to everyone who has helped me in any way possible. You know who you are, and you are fabulous.

Semester 1 was hard because I had a four-week prac. Throwing myself into full-time work for a month was difficult. Difficult on me, and difficult on the kids. They didn’t show it, because THEY HAD A BALL with Grandma and Grandpa, but Adella still talks about “that time that Mummy had to go to work”. It’s not an easy expectation on anyone to flip life on its head, let alone kids under 4!

Semester 2 was the worst because Arlo gave up napping. His naptime was my magic time, where I had a chance to completely focus. And then it slowly starting slipping from my grasp. I held on for as long as I could, but there’s only so much time you can waste forcing a child to nap. I took a deep breath and let it go. But this reduced my alone time to 45 mins, when the kiddies watched TV. That is not long. Evenings, you say? Yeah, my brain has pretty much shut down by 8pm. That made the 7.30-9pm weekly seminars pretty tough. Thank goodness they were audio only, and not video. I wonder how many other mums were surviving by sipping on a sav blanc?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m really enjoying my degree. I’m learning so much, and I absolutely loved my prac in Prep, and had a great time with my random teachings throughout the rest of the year.

So here I am, late at night, with my Four Pillars, bopping to my fave music, simply reflecting.

I have this overwhelming sense of having not done anything this year, which is completely untrue. I’ve taken the two kids to swimming, Chinese playgroup and kinder x2 every week, not to mention a gazillion playdates with our awesome friends. I’ve cooked meals most nights. I’ve done kids art projects. I’ve read more picture books that I could possibly ever count. It’s just my to-do list kept growing. And that to-do list is the things that are ‘me’. That’s what I’ve let go of in order to see this study year out.

I have no idea how anyone who studies, has kids and works as well can do it. My mind boggles. You are absolutely incredible.


I handed in my last assignment a few days ago, and since then, I’ve been on an almost-adrenelin-type-high… overwhelmed by the opportunity to do things. I’ve sorted clothes. Cleaned the shed (and taught the kids what red-back spiders look like). Gardened. Run. Sewed. Today alone I made a dress-up, fixed another, and made two pairs of pj pants.

Thank goodness our oven is broken or I may have made 6 cakes by now.

Though, I did make a steamed pudding.

I’ve also kept a list of things I have done with the kids that I meant to post. They will come. But I might have to sew a little bit more first. 😉



One thought on “8 months

  1. Julie Wells says:

    Loved reading your blog, Sof – I realise what huge tasks you have undertaken, and succeeded with every one. Sorry?!! about the oven. Mum

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