My fave… of 2015

It’s nice to look back and reflect…

My fave recipe book: 250 must-have slow cooker recipes

My fave dessert: Meringues (which I finally mastered, after many failed attempts) with my homemade lemon curd.

My fave savoury dish: Lamb shanks done in the slow cooker. I’ve done them lots of ways and they are consistently amazing! Plus the leftovers go into the piemaker.

My fave read: Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan.

My fave TV shows: Fargo and True Detective.

My fave tea: T2 released a caramel brownie tea, and I got a sampler, but never got anymore before it was off the shelves. Devastating.

My fave blog: The Measured Mom for great educational printables.

My fave garden success: Bringing my lemon tree back to life… with gusto!!

My fave DIY project: making a pallet garden.

My fave kiddie product: Actually, my slow cooker. Makes me a lot more available to the children!

My fave new shop: The Cup & Mug – Polish pottery.

My fave new cafe: Est. 1906, Seddon.

My fave entertaining-for-the-kiddies cafe: Est. 1906, Seddon.

My fave take-away: Godfather’s Pizza, Yarraville. Old-school pizza – the kids love it!

My fave place for a drink: Littlefoot Bar, Footscray.

My fave clothes shop: Pash, in Pt. Fairy. Same as the previous year.

My fave useful purchase: A family-sized tent. Never underestimate the advantages to internal doors in your tent.

My fave pretty, but unnecessary, purchase: A Gorman dress. Covered in moths. Yes.

My fave parenting moment: It’s happened more than once, and will hopefully continue for a long time… when I walk into a room and Adella is reading Arlo a book.

Happy New Year!!


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