Picture book activities

There are some amazing picture books out there and we have recently done some great craft activities based on our favourite books. Both the kiddies really love making the connection between what we read and what we make.



We made the MASSIVE COOKIE from ‘Wild Boars Cook’ (Meg Rosoff and Sophie Blackall). The recipe is on the last page of the book.


I remember ‘Corduroy’ (Don Freeman) from when I was little, and this is a follow-up. When I was at primary school, we made knitted bears and Mum helped me sew overalls for my bear to look like Corduroy.


Both my little ones love ‘A river’ (Marc Martin). They trace the river on every page of the book and also make sure they find the boat every time. For this activity, we drew patterns with crayon like the patchwork in the book, then painted over it with watercolours.


‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (Eric Carle)


And perhaps a lesser known Eric Carle book, ‘The Bad-tempered Ladybird’. The best bit of this activity was discussing which way we were going to put the mouths to make both a happy and a grumpy ladybird.



‘The Rainbow Fish’ (Marcus Pfister)


We actually made this entire book again redrawing the illustrations because she loved it so much. It’s a great story – very cute! ‘Crayon’ (Simon Rickerty)



This one looks a little crude, but it was a LOT of entertainment. Especially when we went hunting around the house for all the elephants we could find! We also kept this box for a long time as a play thing. ‘Too many Elephants in this House’ (Ursula Dubosarsky).

What’s your favourite picture book activity? Please comment below.

I try to keep my pinterest files up-to-date with our latest fave reads if you need some library-inspiration:

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My fave… of 2015

It’s nice to look back and reflect…

My fave recipe book: 250 must-have slow cooker recipes

My fave dessert: Meringues (which I finally mastered, after many failed attempts) with my homemade lemon curd.

My fave savoury dish: Lamb shanks done in the slow cooker. I’ve done them lots of ways and they are consistently amazing! Plus the leftovers go into the piemaker.

My fave read: Counting by 7s – Holly Goldberg Sloan.

My fave TV shows: Fargo and True Detective.

My fave tea: T2 released a caramel brownie tea, and I got a sampler, but never got anymore before it was off the shelves. Devastating.

My fave blog: The Measured Mom for great educational printables.

My fave garden success: Bringing my lemon tree back to life… with gusto!!

My fave DIY project: making a pallet garden.

My fave kiddie product: Actually, my slow cooker. Makes me a lot more available to the children!

My fave new shop: The Cup & Mug – Polish pottery.

My fave new cafe: Est. 1906, Seddon.

My fave entertaining-for-the-kiddies cafe: Est. 1906, Seddon.

My fave take-away: Godfather’s Pizza, Yarraville. Old-school pizza – the kids love it!

My fave place for a drink: Littlefoot Bar, Footscray.

My fave clothes shop: Pash, in Pt. Fairy. Same as the previous year.

My fave useful purchase: A family-sized tent. Never underestimate the advantages to internal doors in your tent.

My fave pretty, but unnecessary, purchase: A Gorman dress. Covered in moths. Yes.

My fave parenting moment: It’s happened more than once, and will hopefully continue for a long time… when I walk into a room and Adella is reading Arlo a book.

Happy New Year!!