Toddler planner

My little one is a bit OCD. Like her Mum. Already. Eek!

She always wants to know what’s happening each day, what day it is, and gets quite irate if we change plans.

I was getting a bit sick of the repetitive conversation, so I decided to make her a planner, so we could easily talk about what was happening each day/week.

I searched pinterest and fell in love with this one from Mama.Papa.Bubba. So I used this as a guide to make my own.


The velcro sticky tags make it flexible and we can just print out more pictures if we need more activities. It’s a great way to initiate conversation and discussion, and will hopefully last a long time since we laminated it all!

What organisational activities have you done with your kiddies?


2 thoughts on “Toddler planner

  1. Rachel says:

    I love this! I made one too, but am having trouble finding good, free, easily downloadable clip art. Where did you get yours or could you email them to me please?

    • Hi Rachel, I’m so sorry- I don’t know how I missed this. I don’t have a good source… I’m always looking for ideas. I end up at different sites all the time. Let me know if you’re still interested in the file and I’ll send it to you! 🙂

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