Toddler planner

My little one is a bit OCD. Like her Mum. Already. Eek!

She always wants to know what’s happening each day, what day it is, and gets quite irate if we change plans.

I was getting a bit sick of the repetitive conversation, so I decided to make her a planner, so we could easily talk about what was happening each day/week.

I searched pinterest and fell in love with this one from Mama.Papa.Bubba. So I used this as a guide to make my own.


The velcro sticky tags make it flexible and we can just print out more pictures if we need more activities. It’s a great way to initiate conversation and discussion, and will hopefully last a long time since we laminated it all!

What organisational activities have you done with your kiddies?



A million years ago, I saw a waitress wearing a lovely drapey shrug thing. I should’ve asked her where she bought it, but I didn’t. So I jut kept thinking about it.

Then I found some lovely flowy fabric in Lincraft. And was still thinking about the cape.

I found this picture on pinterest and thought, yes, I can do this! (Unfortunately, the link is broken on pinterest, so can only give you this pic).



It is literally a rectangle, with 1/3 of each side sewn to create a sleeve. I just draped the fabric over my shoulders to decide how wide to make it.


I put some pretty lace along the edges.


And voila! Not the best picture but I think you get the idea.