Hanami Top

An amazing mum from playgroup keeps giving me fantastic fabrics. And this one was so special – an off-cut of vintage handkerchief linen. I returned to the source of my previous sewing success and set about on the next pattern (also from Straight Grain).

I had JUST enough to cut out the pattern (thanks for the help, Mum!) and used the natural edge of the linen for the bottom edge so I didn’t need to hem it.

It was also my first sewing adventure with lining, but the instructions were so clear that I didn’t struggle at all! It looks good with lining too, because of the lacy holes through the fabric. I love the shape of the the top and the flexibility of the pattern. There are other options for the sleeves and the length of the bottom ruffle.

My only real stuff-up was the button holes. The buttons were small and my button hole foot just kept slipping on the lining, so I decided to do ‘manual’ button holes. Not a good idea. Well, not without time to practise, that is – I finished this off the day before we went on holiday! This is definitely something I need to rehearse. If you have any tips, please let me know.





IMG_4084Thankyou to my cute little model!

And it was showcased on Christmas Day with a pair of black leggings.


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