My fave … of 2014

It’s nice to look back and reflect…

My fave recipe book: Save with Jamie (and fave recipe inside is chicken stew with dumplings).

My fave dessert: Donna Hay’s Chocolate Meringue Cake (DH Issue 74 APR/MAY 2014).

My fave savoury dish: Donna Hay’s Asian Meatballs (DH Issue 74 APR/MAY 2014) – yes, this edition is amazing. Followed closely by her Lamb and Sumac Sausage Rolls (DH Issue 77 OCT/NOV 2014).

My fave read: The girl with the all the gifts – Mike Carey.

My fave TV shows: Wentworth, House of Cards.

My fave movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel.

My fave tea: Tlicious, black tea with cinnamon.

My fave blog: Monkeys and Mooncakes.

My fave garden success: Black Tuscan Kale.

My fave DIY project: re-painting a second-hand plant stand.

My fave baby product: Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo (so I could shower in peace).

My fave toddler product: Tupperware’s ‘Sandwich Keeper Plus’ Lunchbox.

My fave shop: Invite Me on Anderson St, Yarraville.

My fave cafe: Butcher 128 (Robert St, Yarraville).

My fave entertaining-for-the-kiddies cafe: Jellybread (Barkly St, Footscray).

My fave take-away: Hard choice between Grill’d and Fish & Chips on Geelong Rd near Yarraville.

My fave place for a drink: Lady Moustache (Seddon).

My fave clothes shop: Pash, in Pt. Fairy

My fave useful purchase: 2nd hand chest freezer (I love being able to make big batches of things and have spares in the freezer, especially for the kiddies). Thankyou IWBSS!

My fave pretty, but unnecessary, purchase: 6 vintage teacups with saucers. Thankyou IWBSS!

My fave parenting moment: Having two children finally sleep through the night. Ahhh….

What are your faves for the year?


Car caddy

Some little friends in our lives got one of these little pressies in the last few months. I had a lot of fun making these, and they really didn’t take very long. They’re not as pretty as the originals that inspired me, but they work just as well!

I based this on this fantastic tutorial on ‘homemade by jill’.



The first one I made with velcro, but I decided that an elastic strap might be easier for little fingers.



Have you made something similar? I’m always looking for new fun things to make! Drop a link below.

Advent Calendar

Every year I want to make my own advent calendar, and this year I finally did it! I found this great template on pinterest and then filled the trees with a range of little pressies (bouncy balls, hair ties, coin choccies, baubles and stickers).


My LO loves opening one each day and I think it’s a great way to learn about patience. Looking forward to when the kiddies are a little bit bigger and we can do activity ones.


On a side note, I also found this Christmas tree template and we did some great finger painting!



Please share below if you have any other cool Christmas crafts.