Cheesy Vegemite Scrolls

Mmmm…. who needs to spend a fortune at the bakery when you can make these at home??? Super easy to make from this recipe here.


I used a mix of plain and wholemeal flour. I think I’ll also cut them smaller next time – they rose a lot in the oven! I think you could also do some great other combinations, like tomato and cheese and spinach and ricotta. Please add a comment below if you have any other flavour inspiration.

They went down a treat with the little one!



Flower Pants!

I finally started on my fabric stash that I bought in China!

This pattern is from the wonderful website Dana Made It. It’s a super fast pattern… though it took me a while as I only had a short window of opportunity each day!

The first pair I made (pink pair) looked great, but were a little lowcut because we wear cloth nappies. So, with the second ones (blue) I added a higher waist. And a little bit of extra creativity!





My little model wouldn’t smile until she put a lion on her head! 

The corduroy fabric is such a great weight for the autumn weather, and I imagine leggings or tights will fit nicely under these when it gets cold!