Lentil’s 38 Week Journey

My husband recently alerted me to the blog I wrote at this stage of pregnancy last time around – Dragon Baby’s 38 Week Journey. I’m not sure what his motives were… probably to stop me whinging.

In the last couple of weeks, I just haven’t been very positive. To be honest, it’s been quite hard. For two main reasons I think… motherhood and weather. It all just got a bit tricky when I got to that uncomfortable size where bending over is super hard. And when I have to pick up things off the floor, pick up a toddler, run baths and hang out the washing, it’s no surprise that I’m struggling. I really miss having an ayi (our cleaner/nanny in Beijing). Last time around there was no housework, and when I was at this stage, all I did was sit on my parents’ sofa, watch TV and go for relaxing walks!

It’s also been hot. And I’ve experienced puffiness on an extreme level. My hands are not mine, and do not behave like mine. They hurt and I drop things all the time. All the time. I threw a beer glass across the kitchen the other day. Whoops. And I’ve left it way too long to take my wedding ring off… here’s hoping it can hang out two-ish more weeks. I can’t believe how lucky I was having winter for 90% of my last pregnancy (by having time in both China and Australia).

But it hasn’t been all bad. I had minimal morning sickness this time around – barely noticeable in fact. The distraction of motherhood helped me even forget about being pregnant a lot of the time, so I’ve really had it pretty easy. And I’ve found massive relief in swimming this time. The sensation as the water takes the weight off my joints is indescribable. So it’s been smooth – I can’t complain… too much!

I think the upcoming year or so of my life is going to be much more testing! But in a good way. I can’t wait for Adella to become a big sister and have someone to play with. She knows where this baby is. She pats and kisses my belly. She’s in for a surprise when it comes out though!

Bring on baby… this mama wants to deflate.


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