Lentil’s 38 Week Journey

My husband recently alerted me to the blog I wrote at this stage of pregnancy last time around – Dragon Baby’s 38 Week Journey. I’m not sure what his motives were… probably to stop me whinging.

In the last couple of weeks, I just haven’t been very positive. To be honest, it’s been quite hard. For two main reasons I think… motherhood and weather. It all just got a bit tricky when I got to that uncomfortable size where bending over is super hard. And when I have to pick up things off the floor, pick up a toddler, run baths and hang out the washing, it’s no surprise that I’m struggling. I really miss having an ayi (our cleaner/nanny in Beijing). Last time around there was no housework, and when I was at this stage, all I did was sit on my parents’ sofa, watch TV and go for relaxing walks!

It’s also been hot. And I’ve experienced puffiness on an extreme level. My hands are not mine, and do not behave like mine. They hurt and I drop things all the time. All the time. I threw a beer glass across the kitchen the other day. Whoops. And I’ve left it way too long to take my wedding ring off… here’s hoping it can hang out two-ish more weeks. I can’t believe how lucky I was having winter for 90% of my last pregnancy (by having time in both China and Australia).

But it hasn’t been all bad. I had minimal morning sickness this time around – barely noticeable in fact. The distraction of motherhood helped me even forget about being pregnant a lot of the time, so I’ve really had it pretty easy. And I’ve found massive relief in swimming this time. The sensation as the water takes the weight off my joints is indescribable. So it’s been smooth – I can’t complain… too much!

I think the upcoming year or so of my life is going to be much more testing! But in a good way. I can’t wait for Adella to become a big sister and have someone to play with. She knows where this baby is. She pats and kisses my belly. She’s in for a surprise when it comes out though!

Bring on baby… this mama wants to deflate.


Cheesy scrolls (& risotto balls)

One of the Mums at playgroup had these hiding in her daughter’s lunchbox! They looked so yum… I just had to try them. They were super easy and I had to seriously stop myself from devouring the leftovers.

1. Take one piece of puff pastry (I prefer the yummy butter variety), thaw it a little, and smother it in leftover, homemade pasta sauce.

IMG_35442. Top with cheese.


3. Roll the piece up and then slice into 1cm (or so) slices.


4. Bake in the oven at about 200⋅C for about 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven.


You could put all sorts of things in these. Spinach and ricotta would be yum!

I also found this fantastic recipe for pumpkin and bacon risotto balls. You don’t need to make the risotto in the traditional way, you just throw the rice in the oven with lots of water and it soaks up the water. I didn’t use stock, just water, and I made it with spinach and carrot. The little one loved them!

Children’s books

I’m pretty fussy about children’s books. I blame my Mum, who has always provided me with top-notch literature. I’ve been wanting to write this blog to share new book ideas with other parents, and to also collect ideas from you. 

Adella has been a good reader from early on. I will never forget, when we were staying at Auntie Sally’s house, how Sally pointed out that as soon as Adella gets out of bed in the morning she has to go and say hello to her friends, her books! We read two books before bed every night, and now, COPIOUS numbers during the day. I guess it’s the TV substitute, since we haven’t gone down that path yet. She gets quite irate, however, when she wants a book read to her and you’re in the middle of something and can’t do it right this second. So, in preparation for baby number two, we’ve been practising reading books to her toys (which gives me about 3 extra minutes – not long). Also, I’ve been getting her to sit next to me on the couch and turn the pages herself and I’ll read over her shoulder, because I figure that she can then do that while I’m breastfeeding. Here’s hoping.

But, back to favourite books…

I think it’s also important that you, as a parent, enjoy reading the books. This became particularly apparent when we did our big international move. We put our lives in a suitcase, and the rest in a shipping container, which we wouldn’t see for a few months, so we picked 6 favourite books that we wouldn’t mind reading over and over.

Our shortlist was:

  • Where is the Green Sheep? – Mem Fox
  • Bom! went the Bear – Nicki Greenberg
  • “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the Sloth – Eric Carle
  • Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Allen Ahlberg
  • Time for bed – Mem Fox
  • Zzzzzz. A book of sleep. – Il Sung Na

Mem Fox seems to always be a winner. ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ has had such a long shelf life. She has enjoyed it from really early on, and now, as we are learning our colours, she is starting to be able to read quite a few of the pages herself. The illustrations are divine, (illustrated by Judy Horacek – who also did ‘Good night, Sleep tight’ for Mem Fox – another gem of a nursery rhyme book), and it has really helped with learning lots of simple nouns. ‘Time for Bed’ is a lovely bedtime book, where you see the parent animals say goodnight to their babies. We also enjoyed ‘Hello Baby’ from the library.

‘Bom! went the Bear’ has a fantastic musical rhythm, with lots of animals and lots of instruments! My only criticism is that the copy we have has quite fragile paper, and I’ve had to repair it a lot. Again, this is still a favourite, and one of the earliest consistent sounds that Adella made was “bom!” when she saw the book.

“Each Peach Pear Plum” was a classic from my childhood. It’s still a winner, with lots of things to spot on each page. Though it is slightly un-PC as Baby Bear does almost shoot Baby Bunting whilst hunting. Whoops.

Eric Carle’s books are all fabulous. We were given “Slowly, slowly, slowly,” said the Sloth”, which I’d never heard of before, but I know him from “Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?” and of course, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ (see our first caterpillar birthday party here!),  and most recently we borrowed a great book about learning colours from the library (‘My Very First Book of Colors’) where you can flip the pages to match the colour with the picture.

‘Zzzz. A book of sleep.’ has been a continual fave. Adella has a current fascination of owls, and this whole story is about the owl who stays awake at night whilst the other animals are asleep. There is an owl to find on every page! ‘Zzzzz’ is also another early sound she learnt to make!

So, they were the top six travel books. But, I have other favourites that I can’t resist mentioning!

At 19 months, with our colour learning, bold, primary colours are fab. The ‘Meg and Mog’ series, by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski, are a great blast from the past. Our other fave has been ‘Peck, Peck, Peck’ by Lucy Cousins. Complete with bold colours, and little finger holes that the woodpecker has pecked, this was a hard one to return to the library. However, it did change its poetic rhythm part-way through, which was annoying as the reader, but it did grow on me!

‘Whose nose?’ taught her where her nose was very early on and we started reading this as soon as she could focus on books. And I know there is a whole series of these. If we hadn’t been living in China, I would’ve chased them all down. The other great series is ‘That’s not my…!’. We have ‘That’s  not my dragon!’ for our dragon baby, and have borrowed a number of others from the library. These all have feel-y fabrics inside.

For my parent-buddies still living in China, we bought a set of bilingual ‘Spot’ books before we left. They are all lift-the-flap and great value for money. Plus, I get to still practise some character reading! I just got them from the Xinhua bookstore at The Place, but I’m sure the other big stores would have them too. There are lots of other titles too.

For my parent-buddies in Melbourne, my Mum recently bought Adella a book called ‘Peggy’, by Anna Walker. It is simply beautiful. It’s all about a chicken who gets accidently blown into the CBD by a big gust of wind and has to find her way home. Gorgeous. And she takes the train, which is a winner in Adella’s eyes.

Another highlight is ‘I got this hat’ (Jol & Kate Temple), which is fab for a girl who loves hats! And I must mention ‘I’m a dirty dinosaur’ (by Janeen Brian, illustrated by Ann James). It has a great rhythm and it’s easy to do actions to. We also recently met Ann James at her studio and she gave Adella a copy of ‘The Way I Love You’ (David Bedford), which she also illustrated. It’s about a girl and her dog and their beautiful friendship. She gave it to Adella because the girl in the book has the same piggy-tails! ‘Here comes Grandma!‘ (Janet Lord, illustrated by Julie Paschkis) is another book with beautiful illustrations and a dog to find on every page.

So, what are your faves? We are trying to frequent the Hobson Bay libraries – and they are great!! There’s a storytime on 5 days a week, each at a different venue, and one of the librarians even plays the guitar! Each time we go, we come back with a new set of books. I would love suggestions… even if they are for down the track, or for baby number two!!! Let’s share! Please comment below.

I thought I’d try and make a big list that I can keep adding to… so I’ve collated the books that I discussed above, plus other people’s suggestions onto: this pinterest board. I’ll do my best to keep updating it. Please let me know if I’ve missed any, or if you find some great new books!

Nesting again

I feel I’ve been so chilled out in this pregnancy. So many times people have asked me, “how are you feeling?” and I’ve said that I keep forgetting I’m pregnant. Besides, I have a toddler to focus on, and I don’t feel the need to read a million pregnancy books, or spend hours checking things online.

Until about 2 weeks ago.

I suddenly went into baby-panic mode. It was hilarious. I think it stemmed from my last visit to the midwife and we were casually chatting about how second pregnancies are often early, and labour is often shorter, so I’m to call her as soon as I think I’m in labour – not to wait like I did last time – to give her a heads up.

Next minute, I was convinced the baby was going to come in the next few days and that we had nothing ready!

So, in the space of a few short days, I organised a bassinet, car seat, washed all of the baby clothes we’d kept from last time, ordered a mattress for the bassinet, bought storage for the clean baby clothes, finished knitting the baby blanket that was supposed to be for the first one, bought baby socks, infant nappies, breast pads and worked out how we’re going to put both kids on one pram. Phew.

It was intense. And I guess it was nesting again. But I feel good now. And much more prepared.

Now, I just have to pack my hospital bag… maybe this afternoon?