Baby-led Weaning Journey – 11-12ish months

Woah. 12 months is almost here. Where did that time go? As we’re prepping for our big move, I’ve been a bit slack with cooking and blogging and the like. I seem to spend my few minutes of free time making lists and calculating costs. Fun.

Sadly for bubs, strawberry season is over. We stretched it out as long as we could, but those little red balls of deliciousness just aren’t as fresh and juicy any more. Ayi had a bit of a panic. “But she LOVES strawberries. What can I feed her now?” Following this baby-led weaning program, I really didn’t want to ever get stuck in a rut of feeding bubs the same thing at the same time (fearing a picky child), but it seems that ayi was stuck in one without me noticing.

(As much as it is wonderful to have an ayi, there are some hiccups… but I know…. MCP).

So I helped ayi through this difficult time (!) with some delicious seedless grapes cut in half, de-stoned cherries, mangoespeaches and stewed apples. All of which satiated the little one. “See, ayi? She can eat other things!”

When we’re feeding her (her two arvo/evening meals) she continues to have a wide variety of things. I’m trying more and more to save a serving of what we cook the night before so that she has a new meal to try. Lasagne and other pasta based dishes are definitely a fave! And hommous is also popular. We try to keep a supply of veggie slice, lentil cakes and banana bread in the freezer for a quick go-to. (If you are looking for more recipes, I try to pin them all on this pinterest board).We’ve had a little bit of meat recently. Not a whole lot. Mainly because we usually cook vegetarian at home and I’m always a bit dubious of restaurant meat (for her), but when we spend the money on a nice cut, we should share a little with her I guess!

  • I’m always on the hunt for new ideas and recipes…What do you keep stashed in your freezer for feeding baby? Drop a comment below…

She also loves Bellamy’s baby porridge, which Grandma brought over from Australia for her. And she can feed it to herself now with a spoon. The only tricky bit is the last few bits stuck in the edges of the bowl, but Mummy and Daddy can help with that.

Yesterday we also discovered pears. Super ripe and squishy and much easier to eat than fresh apple.

Our only unsuccessful dish recently was noodles. I don’t think she minded the flavour, but they were super tricky to eat. She kept getting them stuck on her fingers and arms and it was too hard to get them in her mouth. I suspect I need to improv my cooking of noodles and perfect my noodle-to-sauce ratio.

I also recently bought a snack cup that I have attached onto the pram. This is great for going out as it is great entertainment trying to get the little snacks through the lid, and also is great coordination practice.

It is so wonderful to see her turning into a real little person. She has discovered a great game. When she has finished eating, she now feeds all the leftovers to me or Daddy. Yes, some may be half-chewed, or be a mix of fish and yoghurt, but it’s such a cute game! And I feel it (hopefully) discourages the wasting of food.


Patiently waiting whilst Mummy does some cooking. 


I just had to snap this…. I thought it looked so cute! A mini-meal! Steak and veg.



And almost all of it went down! She was having a bit of trouble biting through the meat strips, and also bit her tongue in doing so, so cut them up into smaller pieces and then she fed herself.

So, after 6 months of BLW, I can definitely say that we love it! It makes our lives so easy when we go out, and we spend so much less time prepping food. The only thing that we didn’t follow, according to the book, was breast-feeding on demand. We stuck to our 4 hourly feeds during the day, which has now been weaned down to two feeds (1 morning, 1 evening). I can highly recommend it to anyone!

  • Her first birthday is coming… do you have any great baby recipes for birthday parties? Drop a comment below…