The Beijing Tap Water Museum (BJ Bucket List #1)

There are a few things on my bucket list for Beijing. And this was the first thing we’ve knocked off the list!!

After parking the car in a ‘xiaoqu’ carpark, we followed the parking inspector’s directions to…


The Beijing Tap Water Museum!!

After passing the ticket booth, where the guard insisted that we didn’t have to buy a ticket, we found ourselves in a big field with assorted exampled piping and old machinery. Some groundskeepers were watering the grass/weeds (perhaps to check the water quality?!?!?) and repaving the paths. We were the only guests of the field.


Look how big the pipes are to get water to Beijing!


No water at the tap water museum.


Oh wait, there’s a little bit of green water.


No pizza for you!


Well-watered lawn. I’m thinking it would be a great place for a picnic! I wonder what the guard would do…



Does this remind anyone else of the chamber from “Licence to Kill”?





Quite beautiful architecture


As we rounded the corner, we realised that there was a big museum inside the red building! It was mostly full of a lot of Chinese info, but it had big empty spaces for babies to crawl/run around and some cool models of the water system. There was one other family inside… not a big tourist attraction! The second guard did make us buy a ticket though.


The Beijing water network


Whoops! I think someone poked the Forbidden City.


The Beijing Tap Water Museum in 1949 (can you see the train going through the city wall?)


The Beijing Tap Water Museum “now”. We couldn’t see the giant water tower though… that must be gone. And the model seemed quite a lot more manicured.

Beijing is so full of random adventures! You may also be interested in Fake Disneyland, Crab Island and Wonderland Abandoned Amusement Park. Onto bucket list item #2.


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