Abandoned Amusement Park is no longer

The abandoned Wonderland Amusement Park is no longer… demolished to add another useless shopping mall to this city. Possibly will have had a bigger tourism industry from photography than it will ever have as a mall along a freeway in outer Beijing.

Lucky we got there in time!!


Click here to see our pictures.

And here for the news story on That’s Beijing.


5 thoughts on “Abandoned Amusement Park is no longer

  1. Oh no! I used to love catching glimpses of that place on the way out of Beijing. Lucky you managed to get shots – I wish I’d headd out there with my camera.

  2. Tjade says:

    Ah no! I’m visiting beijing in July and really wanted to go there. Are there any other cool abandoned places left near beijing?

  3. Mout says:

    Really sad, I still wanted to visit. Do you know if there are other interesting abandoned buildings near beijing?

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