Baby-led Weaning Journey – 9-10ish months

An update on our BLW journey… the little one continues to eat like a horse. She likes to wow people by showing them how many bananas and strawberries she can eat.

New foods we have tried and loved in the last two months:

  • blueberries (I cut them in half – not sure whether that was necessary or not, I just followed my instinct)
  • shepherd’s pie
  • chickpea curry with rice (this disappeared SUPER fast)
  • french toast (made with homemade bread, lovely eggs and homemade organic soy milk)
  • lasagne
  • yoghurt


French toast



Things Mummy has learnt in the last two months:

  • Gerber baby snacks are FULL of sugar. Happy Baby ones aren’t. Go Happy Baby!
  • Homemade bread crusts can be super crunchy on little gums. Ouch.
  • Buying an extra washable cover for the high chair was super smart.
  • IKEA bibs (the smock kind) rock my world.

The most amazing thing that happened in our BLW world was that the first time I gave Adella yoghurt I spoon fed her (first time for spoon feeding) and the second time, she fed herself. She picked up the idea of dipping a spoon into the yoghurt and putting it into her mouth second time around! So incredible to watch.

She is also so careful with new foods – it’s really cute to watch. Anything new will be brought slowly up to her lips and she’ll press it against her lips and decide whether or not it has potential. And it pretty much always gets eaten, it just sometimes takes a little time and consideration…

Click here to read about our 6-9 month BLW journey.


6 thoughts on “Baby-led Weaning Journey – 9-10ish months

    • She’s having less and less milk these days. And if I need to spend a whole day out, she copes now. But I’m happy to keep giving her 2-3 milk feeds for now. It’s a nice bit of time for us to spend together each day!!

    • I would HIGHLY recommend it. It makes life so much easier and there’s so much helpful info and support on the web. I just looked at your blog and saw that you’re living in Asia too… I think it’s a much less stressful way to feed your baby. It makes going out for food much easier. And you can always use a combo of spoon-feeding and baby-led weaning depending on what your little one wants. Good luck!

  1. Janice Roseingrave says:

    Hi Sofia, Sorry, I didn’t realise that you had had a baby. She is georgeous. Are you still in Beijing. We went back to New Zealand for nearly 3 years and have been in Brussels for the last 8 months. I haven’t got on to any jewellery here yet, but did bring stuff with me. I hope all is well. Take care. Janice Roseingrave.

    • Yes, she is 10 months old now… we are still living in Beijing. I haven’t really done much jewellery since being pregnant though. Trying to balance work and being a Mum is quite tough. Hope you have a chance to do some jewellery soon!

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