Summery tiered ruffled dress

It finally got warm in Beijing yesterday. We went out last night and it was shirt and cardigan weather… bliss!! It’s been a long winter. And to celebrate, I finished this little dress today. The pattern and tutorial was from here, and it is a perfect size for my little tubby ten-month-old. I did adjust the width of the panels to match her height. I like how it’s quite long, and it’s a lovely wide circle of fabric at the bottom. It swirls out beautifully when she sits down.

I’d been dying to try out combining different fabric prints, as I’ve always been very conservative in fabric choice. I’m not saying that this is outrageous, but it’s the most mixing I’ve done!! And I’m pretty happy with the result.






For those of you living in Beijing, the fabric was bought at the Dongsi fabric market. Details here and here.


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