My Women’s Day Gift

Last month, my school generously gave all the female teachers a gift – a photo shoot. To celebrate the empowerment of our gender, they slathered us in make-up, so we no longer looked like ourselves and then put on a mix of Chinese medieval and outrageously western costumes. Awesome.

This was an optional gift, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve always wanted to do a Chinese photo shoot. It’s one of those things that just has to be done. Today at school we were able to choose the photos that we’d like to keep… after I finally convinced the photographer that I didn’t want to spend 1900 kuai on a photo album that was full of terrible photos and chinglish, I settled on the five silliest photos as a momento.

1 (19)a

I just could do a serious face for this one. The hat was so bloody heavy and it was being held by bobby pins to my hair. Not pleasant. I could only giggle. 

1 (17)a

Oh, yes. I am beautiful. Check out my hair net thing. And the slit on my dress!!! WOWSER! So high!! 

1 (18)a

Why didn’t I get married in this?? Biggest dress I’ve ever worn.

1 (21)a

The part that took the longest about this pose was my fingers. Look at that craftsmanship. And bear in mind that the directions were in all in Chinese.

1 (41)a


This one is my favourite. It’s totally a wedding ring commercial. At the time, I was so scared about what they were doing to my hair. And rightly so. Terrible.


6 thoughts on “My Women’s Day Gift

  1. Ha ha ha! I always found the Women’s Day gifts and celebratory activities in China rather bizarre.

    Years and years ago when I was a volunteer English teacher, they gave all the female teachers an afternoon off, then made us take part in mandatory three legged races (while the rest of the school looked on laughing) and play a game to see who could pick up the most marbles with chopsticks. There were other “activities”, but my memory has blocked them out.

    The other teachers later asked us what we did in the UK on Women’s Day, we said, ‘Uh, nothing, we don’t celebrate it.’

    There was an exchange of “knowing” looks and a tutting.

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