Tag toys

Ah, creative people…. I love having them in my life.

One of the lovely mums at our playgroups surprised us all with a crafty activity to keep us entertained whilst the little ones prodded each other’s faces, passed toys back and forth and pushed each other over – slow-mo style.

It’s basically a small bean bag (we filled ours with rice and small beans that wouldn’t be a choking hazard if it came apart) with ribbons around the edge, creating ‘tags’. And anyone with a little one will know, babies love tags.

It was an instant hit with Adella. She loves the sound it makes, plus the range of tags keeps her little fingers busy for ages!


(Thanks to Kate for this photo of us!)


Testing and poking.


Oooh! I like it!


My finished toy.


Kate’s toy product – hers looks so animal-like!! I love it!!

There were heaps more, but unfortunately I don’t have any more photos. Ladies, send them in if you have them!

I just spotted this online too…a free pattern for a tag monster from one of my faves – craft schmaft.


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