Things I love about having a baby in China

I go back to work tomorrow with a feeling of dread. I mean, I’ve always had that annoyed feeling at the fact the holidays are over and that I need to be responsible and earn a living again, but this time it’s different. I’ve just spent a full month with my baby. A bit of travelling, but mostly just time in and around home. And it’s been…. divine. I feel so priviledge to have had this time. And it’s made me want to be a stay-at-home Mum, which is something that I never thought would happen. 

As a follow up to Things I love about being pregnant in China, I feel inspired to write the ‘having a baby’** list.

{**How annoying is English? ‘Having a baby’ here just doesn’t sound right, but I wanted it to line up with the title of my original piece. Owning a baby? Possessing a baby? Sheesh.}

1. Walking. I do so much more walking now. And it’s great! There are so many little details of the city that you see on foot, that whiz by when you taxi or ride.

2. Making people smile. Adella is a cheeky little baby and will smile at anything. Which also means at everyone who looks her way. She’s particularly good at this on public transportation and in supermarkets.

3. Making people run. We’ve made people run, just to come and see the “Yang Wawa” (little western doll).

4. Conversation starters. I feel like I have so many more random conversations about babies. This is so good for my language skills, which I’m really trying to improve on at the moment.

5. Random advice. Ok, so the random advice can often be annoying, but sometimes it is just hilarious. For example, “I think she’s not wearing enough”, to “I think she’s too hot”. From the same person within 10 minutes.

6. Astonishing Chinese women. Our crazy western standards when it comes to raising babies. No milk powder? No disposable nappies? Not wearing 20 layers of clothing? Their shocked faces are absolute gold.

7. Eating good food. In a country of food scandals and dodgy food processing methods, it has been nice to take the time to find out more about what Beijing has to offer in terms of organic foods. And I’m sure there are many more options out there that I’m yet to find.

8. Friendship. We have already quickly become part of a playgroup with Mums and Bubbas, all around the same age as Adella. It’s wonderful to have such a great support network.

9. Coming home after work. I love coming home to her. She’s such a joy.

10. Family time. Our weekends are so special now.

IMG_2501aHere she is playing peek-a-boo on the train.

So here’s to hoping that as I step into the classroom tomorrow, my gorgeous students will remind me why I love my job and rekindle my enthusiasm. I hope.


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