Pelmeni Party

One of the great things about living in such an expat-populated city is that we get to try all sorts of amazing food. We were recently invited to our friend’s house to try our hand at making pelmeni. Pelmeni are delicious russian dumplings – the ones we made were beefy.

The filling and dough were made before we arrived, but we all helped in the construction. At first, you close them like you would when making jiaozi, but then next you turn the ends towards each other so that they become little circles. The result is so cute! I think they’re much prettier!


Working hard!


I don’t think any of these are mine… these are too pretty! Mine looked a little explosive. It’s really hard to judge how much filling to put inside.


Piles of pelmeni…


The finished product. So yum. We ate them with mayo and black pepper.

It’s funny how so many countries have their own kind of ‘dumpling’. Have you made any interesting ones??

(See me return the favour here).


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