Upcycling old jeans to baby jeans

It’s Spring Festival holiday right now, so I get a nice long month off work… yay! So, I’ve been doing some experimenting. I recently realised that all my jeans had gone to holes. So, I visited my jeans lady (yes, I have a jeans lady) and replaced them all.

But, what to do with the old ones? I hate throwing things away, so I decided to experiment with making baby jeans!

I looked at a lot of patterns online, but decided I’d better draw my own since bubs wears pretty big MCN (modern cloth nappies) and her butt is definitely bulbous! So, I used an existing pair of jeans, made them a bit bigger, made up a practise pair, and then finished the real thing.

The only real mistake I made was not putting the cuffs on the denim before I sewed the legs together. If they had been adult size jeans, they would have been fine as they would have fitted over the base of my sewing machine, but I forgot that little teeny weeny pants would be too small. Whoops! I just hand-stitched them on in the end.







Can’t wait to make some more!!!!!

I would like to thank the following blogs for inspiration:
Made by Rae
Make Baby Stuff

Recently, I also made some:
Hot Air Balloons
Ruffle Skirts


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