Maternity Pants

Being a tall westerner in China, finding clothes that fit can be a bit of an issue… and add pregnancy to that and you have to get a little creative!

I decided to give maternity pants a go, and I thought I’d share my methods in case someone else is looking for some help!

I found a pair of jeans that I could pull on without the waistband, but still with the fly done up.

First, I unpicked the waistband from an existing pair of jeans. The belt links are tough, so pull hard. These jeans also had a money pocket, which needed to be unpicked too.

Jeans with no waistband!

Then, I unpicked and cut out the zip.

I then measured a length of stretch fabric around my belly to work out the size. I folded it in half (long-ways) and sewed it into a ‘tube’. I then turned this inside out to hide the seams.

I then joined the ‘tube’ at the short ends to make a circle.

Before you attempt to attach the new waistband, sew up the the fly first. I just stitched along the top and down the original stitching.

I turned the jeans inside out and attached the new waistband.

I put the waistband on the outside since the edges of the jeans were very rough. In order to pin it well, my hubby held the stretchy fabric into the jeans for me whilst I pinned it.


Finished product!




Another finished product!


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