Civilised Chaoyang Chaos!

Over the last year (or more), our local Beijing district, Chaoyang, has had a massive government marketing campaign to make Chaoyang more civilised! There are billboards, huge banners and even elaborate sculptured hedges depicting the characters of a ‘Civilised Chaoyang’. However, over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more pretty cool graffiti, dashing the hopes of a purely civilised society. What a pity! 😉

This little guy has been turning up everywhere! 

Our girl in hedge-form.

Here she is – looking a little uncivilised.

 …and with a new hairstyle?!?!

This one wasn’t strictly in Chaoyang, but not far away. 



This is my favourite. These sunflower seeds are eaten by everyone! It’s such a popular, cultural snack, that many people have small dents in their front teeth from eating them day-in-day-out.

This has been stencilled on the back of a recycling truck. Curiously, the bit of wall in the picture above is where our local recycling man sits. Has anyone noticed these around the city anywhere else?