Gnocchi balls

I hadn’t made gnocchi for a long time. One reason was that the last time I made them back in Adelaide, we used wholemeal flour, and didn’t gnocchi, we made bricks. It didn’t taste bad, you just couldn’t eat more than a few.

However, I found myself totally inspired by this blog, and consequently, this amazing looking recipe. It was a perfect recipe. I cooked it one night, with homemade pesto from my ‘garden‘ and it was delicious!! The gnocchi was light and fluffy, and had a great flavour.

I made a huge amount of dough, and wrapped up the leftovers and kept them in the fridge. 2 or 3 days later I pulled out the dough to make myself another delicious batch. The dough was incredibly sticky. Incredibly. I think a lot of the water, previously stored in the potatoes, had slowly leeched out. I added more and more flour until I realised they just wouldn’t hold together when being boiled.

Plan B. Fry.

YUUUUUUUUM! Totally would recommend fried gnocchi. It was delicious!!


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