Eating through Zhejiang

Every holiday turns into a culinary adventure, whether we like it or not! Here are some of my foodie memories.

I pulled out the camera way too late on this one! Fried prawns with preserved seaweed (or other related water weed). So good, we went back again another day. Hangzhou.

This was a little strange. It was deep-fried tofu. It kinda stuck to the roof of your mouth. And the sauce was scary. Hangzhou.

One of the specialities of the area – dongpo pork. Basically, it’s braised pork with a massive layer of fat. Delicious, but not nutritious. Hangzhou.

Another local speciality – prawns and longjing tea. But the prawns weren’t as fresh as the ones in the first photo. Hangzhou.

THE MOST AMAZING DISH IN THE WORLD. We found ‘tudoubing’ (umm… potato cakes?) at a tiny little place next to the bus station. We devoured one plate, then ordered two more serves for the bus trip. We were the envy of every passenger. I have since found out that these are only good with Zhejiang potatoes. I intend to experiment anyway. Hangzhou.

Large whitebait at a She Minority Village. Outside Jingning.

Freshly made hotpot with a fish we chose from the pond out the back. Outside Jingning.

Deconstructed Duck. Jingning.

OMG. We found it AGAIN! Jingning.

We had a choice of freshly caught seafood everyday. Nanji Island.

Nanji Island.

These are a b***h to eat. They are so spiky and seem intent on ripping your skin off. I have since been told that if I master my chopstick skills, I can whip these out in a second! Nanji Island. 

 Nanji Island.

The most amazing fish in the world. And superb eggplants – thin and sweet. Nanji Island.

Nanji Island.

Tofu wrapped tofu. Shaoxing.

Pork and prawn in crunchy noodley things. Lovely garnish. Shaoxing.

Bus photos from our Zhejiang Travels.


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