Photos from a moving window

Our adventure across Zhejiang involved many a train and bus trip. The Chinese countryside landscape is fascinating. Here are a few snaps…

Mountains, farming, cottages, powerlines. 

Speeding along…

Farming and cottages

“I know, let’s build a spire for our gingerbread village!”

Ready to build.

Any ideas??

Anyone want to live next to the railway line?

Spires must be the “in” thing.

Daddy buildings and baby buildings.

A little bit of old China.

A neighbouring train.

The next Mawson Lakes.

Where are the trees? 😦

The next railway line under construction.

A yet-to-be-connected pylon.


The new highway that’s about to open.

Best house ever! 

We passed through a ‘toy town’. We think all the toys in China may be made here.

A colourful load.

These churches suddenly appeared on the landscape. They all had the same red crosses on top.

A little one snuck in next to the bus station.

Shaoxing-wine-bottle-shaped bus stops!

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3 thoughts on “Photos from a moving window

  1. Wade says:

    I love the last one… I can see that idea taking off elsewhere: Tsingtao-bottle shaped stops in QD, ErGuoTou container shapes in BJ…

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