Gnomes… 1, 2, 3

My sewing experimentation has continued. I made these cute little guys from More Softies made by bonspielcreation.

Hanging out on the couch.

 Chilling in Tara’s Garden!

A group of us went on an adventure to “World World” in Beijing and thought that the gnomes would be a great symbol to represent our tour group. Meet the intrepid explorers, Gnorman and Agnostic!


Strawberry Tart

Last week, the lovely Tara arrived on my doorstep with a gargantuan basket? bowl? bucket? of strawberries fresh from Sancha, a favourite Great Wall getaway of ours. There were clearly way too many to eat. So, I cleaned, sliced and froze them in anticipation of a culinary moment.

On the weekend we held a massive cocktail party at our house, so I decided to go looking for a delicious strawberry recipe! I chanced upon Smitten Kitchen‘s beautiful recipe. I got very excited about the beautiful pictures and gave it a try.

My pre-baked pastry! It rolled out well and was pretty easy to work with. The recipe suggested that I rolled it out between gladwrap but I found that wasn’t needed.

I haven’t got a photo of the filling. I was too worried about something going wrong and was so focussed on whisking! It was amazing though! I followed the recipe step-by-step… and voila! I had a perfectly thick, custardy filling!

Here’s me adding the ruby red strawberries at the party. And a sneak peak at my little Chinese kitchen!

Mmmmm…. and yes, it was as delicious as it looks. It was kinda yum to have freshly defrosted strawberries too. It added a frosty, icy texture. I don’t think they’d be too good if you let them sit for too long though, I had a feeling that they would continue to lose liquid. However, the tart didn’t last long enough to find that out.

(I’m just excited that there are still more strawberries in the freezer!)

5 China Moments

China is… well… just China sometimes. Little things catch your eye and just make you giggle.

A new subway line has opened up and in an attempt to clean the place up a little, there are flower pots delicately arranged on every rubbish bin.

I thought this shop looked a little out of place. The colour didn’t suit the street, the windows looked strange and the door completely odd. It’s a fake!! Hiding a construction site!

Phew! I was worried about where I was (on the walkway in Shanghai airport).

Our little room in a local Japanese restaurant had the classiest of decor. Munching on sushi and tempura… dreaming of coffee, juice and cake.

Taking the birds out for a ride. Caged birds inside a cage on the back of a bike!