Chinese Cooking Class

In return for my curry cooking lesson a few weeks ago, Yuan Yuan invited Zac and I over for a return Chinese cooking class!

(Yes, peeling potatoes can be hilarious)

On the menu was:

红薯米饭 (Hong shu mi fan) Sweet Potato Rice

Cook 1.5 cups of rice and 0.5 cups of sticky rice and some chopped sweet potato into a rice cooker with 4 cups of water.

玉香鸡丝 (Yu xiang ji si) Fish-flavoured chicken

Clean and chop some pre-soaked wood-ear mushrooms. Slice chicken and carrot into thin strips. Mix some starch and rice wine into the chicken. Heat a pan with some oil and fry the chicken. Take out the chicken. Add the vegetables and continue to fry on high heat. Return the chicken. Add the ‘yuxiang’ flavouring.

鸡蛋西红柿汤 Tomato and Egg Soup

Boil some water. Add chopped tomatoes. Mix some starch and water. Keep the water boiling and stir in the starch. Mix 2 eggs in a bowl. Pour into the saucepan onto the boiling water without stirring. Add salt and chopped spring onion.

I’m particularly proud of this because it looks JUST like what the restaurants make!

白菜炖豆腐 (Bai cai dun dou fu) Cabbage and Tofu (A typical Beijing dish)

The best thing I learnt from this dish was that Yuan Yuan freezes the tofu before she cooks with it. This solves the problem of soft tofu falling apart when being fried. Amazing! Put the frozen block in warm water for a few minutes. Chop up the tofu. Chop up the chinese cabbage into large pieces. Heat lots of oil in a pan and fry the cabbage. Add some sugar to taste. Add water halfway up the pan. Add the tofu. Add a little dark soy sauce and salt to taste. Stew for a few minutes.


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