Crab Island

Posted on June 19, 2011


Living in the concrete jungle of Beijing, finding beach and sun is quite a challenge. Though not as much of a challenge as many people may think! In search of adventure and a bit a cultural people-watching, I joined the Asia Obscura adventure to Crab Island!

Crab Island is a man-made park just off exit 5 of the Aiport Expressway. Upon arrival, we filed through the “Infectiou conjunctivitis check post”, a ticket checker who didn’t even ask us to take our sunnies off, and found ourselves being serenaded by a great ‘karaoke’ style 2-person band.

We made our way past the dominating music and found ourselves on a quaint “beach”. The sand was surprisingly clean! We hired ourselves a tent and set up camp on the shore.

We donned our bathers and ventured into the water. The backdrop of playful dolphins catapulting out of the water matched the blue concrete under our feet perfectly to create a seemingly perfect blue ocean. It was difficult, however, to ignore the slightly slimy feeling under of the ocean floor.

For lunch, we had a DIY BBQ of chuan’r – one of China’s favourite street snacks. This was the closest I’ve had to an Aussie BBQ experience in China! Beer, food on a stick and ocean views – what more do you need? (Maybe a few less budgie smugglers)

After lunch we explored a little further and found the water slides, kiddies playground and ‘the lazy river’. There were heaps of hilarious buckets that dumped water on unsuspecting victims!! A few random sideshows were thrown in for good measure. My favourite was the guns that shot at endangered animals.

The ‘lazy’ river was a little too lazy for our liking. I think a more appropriate name would be ‘The stagnant river’. Let’s just say that I was glad to be on the outside taking photos!!

All in all, it was well worth the trip! Sunshine, some water, good food, friends, laughs, tubes, water slides, buckets of water, fake coconuts… not bad for Beijing!

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