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Losing the afternoon nap

October 22, 2014



This has probably been my hardest parenting hurdle. For a few short months, I had blissful afternoons. With both munchkins snoozing for about two hours at the same time, I could do the chores in peace, bake, waste time on social media and drink as many HOT cups of tea as I liked. It was […]

Recipe Organisation

September 16, 2014



I’ve gone a bit OCD on my recipe collection. I say ‘a bit’. Some may say ‘a lot’. I’ll let you decide. I shop once a week. It’s so much better. If it’s all planned out I save money because I only buy what I need. Plus, I can go on the weekend without the […]

Transportation birthday party!

September 6, 2014



For Adella’s second birthday we thought we’d aim for her lastest obsession… transport! Her favourite place to sit is at the cafe next to the train station and give us a running commentary of the trains going past. “Blue train! Purple train! Blue train! Blue train!”. Despite her being older, I still didn’t see any […]

Baby Routines (aka, The Blog Post That Will Most Likely Get Me Punched In The Nose)

August 6, 2014



Ah, such a touchy subject. When other mums discuss how many times they get up in the night, I keep my mouth shut. When other mums despair over the few hours of sleep they get, I change the topic. When they comment that I look well-rested, I smile and thank them. I’m not saying I’m a […]

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Children’s Books II

August 5, 2014



Following my last post on Children’s books, I’ve created a new pinterest file for books for ages 2-3. Please comment below if you have some great suggestions!!

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